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The Showtime Podcast with Lakers Legend Coop

Oct 2, 2022

Bob Ryan of the Boston Globe & Michael Cooper of the Showtime Lakers Tell REAL Los Angeles Lakers and Boston Celtics Stories. This is the video version of the Showtime Podcast with Coop. To listen to the full, audio version, go to Spotify and/or Apple Podcasts. If you love Bob Ryan, you should definitely subscribe to his podcast with Jeff Goodman and Gary Tanguay.


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00:00 - Bob Ryan explains how he started out in sports journalism

00:30 - Bob Ryan grew up in Trenton, how'd he get to Boston?

02:00 - Bob Ryan sports career (little league)

04:00 - Bob Ryan loved to Referee

04:40 - Was Bob Ryan a bully or did he get bullied in high school

04:55 - How did Bob Ryan start writing? PxP?

05:47 - Starting as intern at the Boston Globe in 1968